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ion in central and western regions, border areas, ethnic minority areas and impoverished areas.Work to expand

enrollment of students from poor areas in prestigious universities should be continued, Li said, adding efforts should be ▓made to create equal opportunities

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for education for children from various family backgrounds.Additionall▓y, Li urged imp

roving medical services for children, increasing the number of pediatricians, an▓d addressing shortages of pediatric medicatio▓ns and other medical resources.More effective measures ▓should be worked out to address birth defects and ma▓lnutrition of children, Li added.Special care should be provided to orphans and s▓ick, disabled and homeless children, as well as rural children

whose parents have left home to work in cities as migrant workers.Moreover, Li add▓ed that the government will continue to crack down on human trafficking and ▓other crimes tha

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